Monday, December 01, 2008

Zane Hodges' Older Messages

We will be periodically posting some of Zane's older messages in order to continue his work of spreading the Gospel and Free Grace message. Check back daily because as we are able to transfer these older recordings to digital format we will post them.
"1 Kings 15:1-24""Romans 2:5-13 - April 1988"
I am still looking for part 1 of this series, but I will be posting parts 2-4 here over the weekend and the first part of next week.
"Baptism and Salvation in Acts, Part 2"


Generic Christian Mystic said...
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Kyle Kaumeyer said...

please do not post links to other sites or blogs at this time. I do not have the time to verify every link or blog that comes up and we do not want links to material that have not been fully vetted. Thanks.

Concerned said...

I find it so interesting that Zane talked about his death in the tape from 1 Kings. It's toward the end and he talks about the Lord's Supper. The Lord did "want" him now. Nuts... I'm going to miss him. Time to step it up, guys.